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Re: MacOS9 strikes again

I think there is some confusion regarding the effect of the command-space
keyboard shortcut in MacOS 9 . The source of this confusion may come from
the different specific language configurations :

command-space is always used for switching *language scripts* : that is
switching from the Roman Script to Arabic Script, to Chinese Traditional
Script etc. 

On a system where more than one script is installed and on MacOS 9, the
command-space shortcut is automatically activated and cannot be changed.

The Command-Option-Space shortcut is the command for switching input
methods or keyboard configurations *inside a script*, and in MacOS 9.x,
is the only shortcut that can be activated/deactivated.

I suppose the only way to deactivate the command-space shortcut in a
multilingual system is to hack the appropriate resources, maybe with
ResEdit if you know exactly how (I don't). If Leonard Rosenthol's OSA
Menu overrides this shortcut, that's probably what it does. (Maybe he can
give a more precise answer to that one - 

I personally use ' esc q p ' for the paragraph format selection box, and
' esc q c ' for the character format selection box.

Amnon Yaish

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