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Re: Distiller 3.01 with PS 4.3.1 drivers=PDF problem?


This issue has been discussed in this forum a number of times.
If you don't wish to upgrade to Acrobat 4.0x, you should NOT
use AdobePS 4.3.1. The reason why Adobe keeps the AdobePS 4.2.6
driver posted is for use with Acrobat 3.02 Distiller.

Note that part of your original problem may very well have been
caused by trying to generate PostScript for the Distiller by
using a driver configured with a PPD for a Tektronix printer.

Regardless of which version of Acrobat you use, you should NEVER,
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a driver instance "to file" for some
other PostScript printer model. ALWAYS setup the driver to use
the Acrobat Distiller PPD. 

Use the correct driver with the correct version of Acrobat
Distiller (4.2.6 => Distiller 3.02, 4.3.1 => Distiller 4.0x)
and use the correct PPD, and the problems you mentioned will
go away.

         - Dov

At 12/1/99 11:08 AM , Hill, Donna wrote:
>Preface: This is an Adobe Acrobat problem, not an FM problem.
>When I had PostScript v4.2.6 drivers installed on my Windows 95 machine and
>created PS files by selecting a PS driver (a Tektronix 550 model), I had no
>trouble distilling a PDF file using Distiller 3.01 from FM 5.5.6 files.
>Then, because of some  hard copy problems (missing space preceding xref'ed
>text in the printed output), one of the IT guys gave me 4.3.1 PS drivers to
>Subsequently, when I tried to create a PDF file, all that appeared in the
>PDF file was graphics. No text at all, except for occasional rectangular
>I called Adobe TS, and tested Distiller 3.01 by simply outputting some ASCII
>text to a PS file and tried to distill it. All I got were rectangular boxes
>for characters. I was told to upgrade to 3.02 Distiller.
>I downloaded 3.02 and lo and behold, I got pretty much good PDF output when
>selecting the same driver (and, I think, also using the Acrobat Distiller
>driver), except that starting about 20 pages into a 280 document, a
>paragraph here and there was substituted with the rectangular characters
>(which, by the way, print as blank spaces to the printers).
>Did all this happen because I upgraded to 4.3.1 PS printer drivers?
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