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Re: Auto-numbering solution

Peter -
| There have been several threads over the last 6 months about auto-numbering.
| Here is more information.
| Below is something I wrote for myself a few years back. It's an
| easy-to-understand introduction, but has a couple glithes. Those glitches
| are resolved by a second piece written by Larry LeVine, which is also
| copied below. The advantage of the encoding we describe is full automation;
| other approaches sometimes require invisible tags at the beginning of each
| document file in order to work correctly.
| Enjoy,

   <long, clear numbering explanation deleted for brevity by LCS>

There is a very good reason to use those invisible tags, especially if
a chapter get too big and needs to broken into multiple files: to permit
multi-file chapters without having to craft ad-hoc solutions to keep
the same chapter number, espcially if the template uses a running H/F
varaible that uses the "<paranum[Chapter]>" (or paranumonly) building

And, with the "Next Paragraph Tag" feature, this is automatic _except_
for the continuation parts of a split chapter, where you have to DELETE
the chapter title paragraph by hand.

I feel it is better to build a standardized solution that will work
consistently, even if it requires an extra 5 minutes of training for
the authors, than to have individual users devise (inconsistent)
work-arounds to easily anticipated situations.

( and for all the _other_ curmudgeons, here's a shortened sig ;-} )

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