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Re: FM 5.5.6 What updates should I install

I'd be interested in seeing a summary on your ATM feedback. I won't comment on anything but Distiller, AdobePS and the Distiller PPD.

It's up to you whether you want Acrobat 3 or Acrobat 4. Acrobat 4.05 is the latest (Acrobat 4 condensed all the Acrobat sub-products into one). According to Adobe experts who have repeatedly posted on this subject to this email list:

If you're using Acrobat (Distiller) 4.05, then use:
— AdobePS 4.3.1
— Adist4.ppd

If you're using Acrobat 3, use the Distiller 3.02 update available from the website and:
— AdobePS 4.2.6
— Adistill.ppd

To determine quickly which printer driver and PPD are in use, do this (this is again quoted almost directly from the Adobe Tech Support Database document number 319707):

1. Go to Start > Settings > Printers.
2. Right click the printer and choose Properties.
3. Click the Paper tab.
4. Click About, near the bottom center.

This document is available at:


Best regards,

Jason Aiken
Frame Templar

>>> graham wideman <graham@wideman-one.com> 12/01/99 03:46PM >>>

So, that translates to: What do you all think are the prefered minor
version levels of the following that are compatible with one another:

-- Acrobat Catalog     3.01
-- Acrobat Distiller   3.01
-- Acrobat Exchange    3.01
-- Distiller Assistant 3.01
-- AdobePS Default Postscript Printer 
   (how does one discover version number of this?)
-- PPD file for Distiller (Adistill.ppd? Version?)
-- ATM 4.0 Build 90 Lite June 17 1997

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