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Re: Distiller 3.01 with PS 4.3.1 drivers=PDF problem?

I've noticed recently that if I install either the AdobePS 4.2.6 or
4.3.1 driver with the proper PPD and everything, whenever I reboot it
reverts to some unusable printer instance. Anybody heard of that one?
Maybe there's something residual going from the Windoze OS or a Novell
conflict of some sort...

Anyway, pursuant to Craig's question, Adobe's Support Database document
number 319707 says:

<virtual quote>
To manually remove the AdobePS 4.1.x or later printer driver from

1. In Windows, choose Start > Settings > Printers.
2. In the Printers Control Panel, select any printers that use the
AdobePS driver and delete them.
3. Delete the Setup utility (Setup.exe) from the AdobePS folder.
4. Delete the following files from the Windows\System folder:

<end virtual quote>

The printer test page from an AdobePS printer instance also says it
uses iconlib.dll and psmon.dll. Deleting psmon.dll and iconlib.dll from
the Windows\System folder may also help, but be sure to have backups. I
know that other programs use the iconlib.dll for sure.

Your mileage may vary. Be careful, make backups, ingest your favorite
treat, and good luck.

Jason Aiken
Frame Templar

>>> "Craig Ede" <craig.ede@medtronic.com> 12/01/99 01:56PM >>>
It also seems that installing the 4.3.1 driver pollutes the system so a
subsequent installation of the 4.2.6 driver doesn't correct the problem.
I looked at a raw PS file supposedly using 4.2.6 after an earlier 4.3.1
install and it contained text saying it was using the 4.3.1 driver!!

So how does one revert?

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