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RE: Search index not available on Solaris

I'd like some comments on the procedure described below. (Please note that I
have yet to verify that this will actually solve the lc/UC Search index
attaching problem on Solaris.)

My goal is to be able to update a set of PDF files in a totally automated
fashion, e.g., from a make file. In order to do that, I must be able to
print to PostScript, distill, and set PDF properties with no manual
intervention. Below, I briefly describe how I control some PDF properties.

In order to put entries into each PDF document's Info and Catalog
dictionaries, I distill with prologue.ps/epilogue.ps enabled and have a
separate watched folder for each PDF document in the project. I print to
PostScript files in 'in' sub-folders in the watched folders (using DZbatcher
from the sampler cd-rom to control Framemaker from a script). In each
watched folder, I have a copy of prologue.ps and epilogue.ps.

Near the end of each prologue.ps, between %%EndResource and %%EndProlog, I
have inserted the following:

(Loaded separation procset from prologue.ps)== flush

% PDF and pdfmark language insert begins here ...
% Some Info entries
[ /Title (QUEST7 Documentation Roadmap)
  /Author (GN Nettest Documentation)
  /Subject (An overview of QUEST7 documentation)
  /Keywords (QUEST7, MPA 8000, Introduction, Documentation, Roadmap)
  /ModDate (D:19990208)

% How I would like it to open
[ /PageMode /UseOutlines
  /Page 1
  /View [ /Fit ]
[ {Catalog} <<
  /PageLayout /SinglePage
>> /PUT pdfmark

% Search Index to attach when opened
[ {Catalog} <<
  /Search <<
    /Indexes [
        /Name /PDX
        /Index (quest7.pdx)
>> /PUT pdfmark
% ... and ends here


The Info entries depends of course on the PDF document. The same information
(and some revision history information) appears in the colophon of the
document, so I ought to find a way to update the prologue.ps from the
FrameMaker document or vice versa.

The value of the PageLayout key could be /TwoColumnLeft if I wanted the
viewer to open the document in two-column layout, starting with a left page.
You cannot select this in Acrobat Exchange; 'Continous - Facing Pages'
corresponds to /TwoColumnRight.

To make the document attach one or more Search index'es (indices?) when
opened, a Search entry is added to the Catalog dictionary. The value of the
Index key is the name of the index file definition (.PDX) file. The file
name is entered here in lc (though CATALOG produces all UC file names)in
order to make things work on Solaris.

Some PDF related references:

Web Publishing with Acrobat/PDF, Thomas Merz. A chapter on the pdfmark
language is published at http://www.planetpdf.com/planetpdf/pdfs/primer.pdf.

pdfmark Reference Manual, Adobe,

Portable Document Format Reference Manual, Version 1.2, Adobe,

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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