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RE: More Frame>PS>Docutech queries

At 01:52 PM 1/27/99 -0600, Banttari, Ananda wrote:
>Dina says:
>> I have finally cajoled [our printer] into accepting a PDF which I 
>> have created with all downsampling/compression off and with fonts 
>> embedded. It looks excellent, but he balks: says he will have 
>> to "convert the PDF to PostScript" at his end.  
>They do NOT have to convert the PDF to PS. We have ten books
>from PDFs via a Docutech. 
>We went through a similar fight with our printer. I'm not sure which

>particular Docutech they have, but what you're describing sounds

Add me to the list.  It took a little bit of doing, but now my
printer *prefers* to get my files as PDF.  Much easier to handle,
smaller, and far less room for them to mess things up.  If something
goes awry, I know that 99%+ of the time it's something I should have

Your printer should not have to do a thing except copy the file into
the queue.


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