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RE: More Frame>PS>Docutech queries

Dina says:

> I have finally cajoled [our printer] into accepting a PDF which I 
> have created with all downsampling/compression off and with fonts 
> embedded. It looks excellent, but he balks: says he will have 
> to "convert the PDF to PostScript" at his end.  

They do NOT have to convert the PDF to PS. We have ten books produced
from PDFs via a Docutech. 

We went through a similar fight with our printer. I'm not sure which 
particular Docutech they have, but what you're describing sounds

By a process of elimination, we decided that the problem was insufficient 
printer memory for handling our very large PS files. (400+ pages, with 
lots of screen shots)

We finally got our printer to try printing the PDF files on the 
Docutech, and the problems went away. When they realized the savings 
they would see (in cost and time), they decided they could take PDFs.

Now we just use the ppd for the HP5siMX we have in the office, create
the PDFs, and send them to the printer. 

--Ananda Banttari
Tech. Doc. Specialist, SDS

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