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Re: printing grief on MacOS 8.5

Dear Framers,

Thanks for the many suggestions and expressions of support. My
recommendation is for Mac users to WAIT before installing 8.5. Stop at 8.1
-- 8.5 is looking to me like the changes are similar in scope to the 7.0
release, but less well publicized. My key hint came from the Apple Web
site's 8.5.1 documentation, which includes a buried hint that you must
re-install your FONTS. 

Thus far the new PowerBook G3 is printing mission-critical documents from
FrameMaker 5.5 -- a major milestone because these same docs wouldn't print

What I did was reinstall a *clean* 8.5 installation, 
then installed the 6.0.2 Iomega driver so I could use Zip 
to install the downloaded multi-meg 8.5.1 patch, 
then installed 8.5.1. 
Then I re-installed ATM from the Frame CD, 
re-installed Adobe Acrobat ditto, 
re-installed fonts *only* from assorted applications we use, 
and finally transferred other tried-and-true fonts from the "Previous
System" (I was getting tired by then) to the new, clean system. 

And success! The Frame docs not only opened, they printed. (Using the
AdobePS 8.5.1 printer driver and the HP 4mp PPD.) I still hate the driver,
but it prints. Haven't tested PDF conversion yet, but more tests this

(Problems remain with external hard disks, the SCSI chain reliability, and
the new modem card crashing the connection, but those are separate hardware
issues. To each evening the headaches thereof.)

Thanks for all the suggestions and assistance. 

Deborah Snavely

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