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Re: FM on Linux

Jay et al (i.e., those who want info on running FM on a Linux box),

The following is all too technical for me, so if you have any queries, refer
them direct to Peter Samuel.

I posted the first part of the following on Framers about 12 months ago; the
rest is new.

John Pitt wrote:
Some hope for those Linux users who want to run Frame under Linux. One of
our engineers has cracked it -- but there are a few caveats:

* It will NOT run natively on ANY Intel processors.

* It runs under SPARClinux in SunOS 4.x compatability mode.

* You need access to a genuine SunOS 4.x machine to copy over some
   shared libraries. You also need to install it on the SunOS machine
  and then copy over the installed files to the SPARClinux box.

* Licences must be installed on either the SunOS or SPARClinux box.
  Copying valid licences from another system (say Solaris) results in
  invalid checksums.

 * Local and remote license servers work.

 * It has NOT been regression tested so some things may not work.
   Caveat emptor.

For a detailed description, contact:

PS. There are some reports of people successfully using the Windows
       version of Frame 4.x under Intel Linux using Caldera's WABI.

Peter Samuel wrote (and here is the really techie stuff):

I've successfully installed FrameMaker 5.5.3 under SPARClinux - RedHat 4.2,
kernel 2.0.30 with all updates except the latest X11R6.1-pl1-24,
Xconfigurator and xserver-wrapper patches.

You need /usr/gnemul/sunos populated with a SunOS /etc/ld.so.cache,
/etc/resolv.conf, /usr/lib/ld.so, /usr/lib/libc.so.1.9.1 and
/usr/lib/libdl.so.1.0 for the SunOS compatibilty stuff to work.

I installed the SunOS 4.x version on a real SunOS machine and then copied
over the frame-5.5.3 directory to the linux box.

You MUST install the licences on the SunOS box or the linux box or the
checksum calculations will be invalid - ie you can't just copy over the
license file from the Solaris version.

At startup you MUST have $FMARCH set to sunxm.os.sparc, otherwise the frame
startup scripts will complain saying that they can't find the correct
architecture files. /usr/local/bin/frame does this correctly.

I needed to modify fm_fls_auto to overcome a bizarre problem with /bin/sleep
hanging. If you point it at another license server this problem doesn't
occur (because the script is never run). I can't seem to duplicate the
problem using simple shell scripts either.

Otherwise it runs fine on a linux IPX displaying on the local display or on
a remote X display on a Solaris SS5.

Peter Samuel                                peter@uniq.com.au
Technical Consultant                        or at present:
Uniq Professional Services
Phone: +61 2 9206 3410                      Fax: +61 2 9281 1301

"If you kill all your unhappy customers, you'll only have happy ones left"

> John Pitt, Technical Writer
> Wilcom Pty Ltd
> (02) 9578 5176
> mailto:jpitt@wilcom.com.au
> or
> mailto:johnpitt@zeta.org.au

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