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FM on Linux

(Copied to Framers groups.)

Dear Mr. Hilton,

We last corresponded about FM soon after you had the "pleasure" (?) of
"attaining" (?) your current role.   :)

I thought I would pass on that there are only three obstacles to converting
3/4 of our PCs to Linux seats instead of WinXX seats:


  PhotoShop (but there are a couple of terrific alternatives
      on Linux already -- good enough for what we do...)

  scanner drivers (this may be okay on Linux, I have not
     checked yet)

That leaves FRAMEMAKER!

When you guys port it to Linux, I will be able to say good buy to Mr. Bill
Gates -- at least partially.

(For w.p. work, we use WordPerfect and that is already available on Linux.)

So.... Please, consider putting the resources into porting to Linux.  I
personally believe that MANY (sorry for the all caps, I get carried away)
installations will be moving to Linux at a very high rate of speed after
people start to understand how much easier and better it is than Windows, NT,
and some UNIX's.


Jay Smith

e-mail: jay@jaysmith.com

Jay Smith & Associates
P.O. Box 650
Snow Camp, NC  27349  USA

Phone: Int+US+336-376-9991
Toll-Free Phone in US & Canada:
Fax: Int+US+336-376-6750

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