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BUG - text running under

A few people have pointed out that I wasn't being too clear in my
description.  I sent out some MIFs, but last night I duplicated the
problem in a fresh document:

1. Create a new document
2. Import in any old text you have lying around
3. Make it a 4 column document (doesn't matter if it's on master page
   or if you balance columns)
4. Change Heading1 to straddle columns
5. Pick a line about half-way down and make it a Heading1
6. Try to balance the text above it using column breaks

The 3rd & 4th columns combine and disappear under Heading1 instead of
pushing the text down the page.  You can make column breaks behave by
adding a lot of returns to the end of column 4, but the spacing is
kind of wonky.

Adobe tech support said they logged it as a bug with 5.5.6.  When they
opened my MIF file yesterday in 5.1 they had the same problem.  The
file works with our 5.  Adobe tech doesn't know if it's a problem
across platforms, and they don't know if the engineers will see it as
a bug. 

First they thought it was a problem with the print driver.  I don't
understand that one.  Can a print driver affect the screen layout? 

So yeah, the workaround is use 5.  5 has a different problem with 4
column lay-outs where it randomly creates a "5th column" that runs one
line high across the bottom of pages.  When I ran across that one,
Adobe told me that was a known bug, then another tech said it wasn't,
then it became they didn't know and would get back to me.  And I never
heard from them again. 

Kinda reminds me of McDonalds training new cashiers by throwing 'em
into the lunch rush.  Annoy customers until you move up or out. 

Thanks to all the people who tried to help, but I'm yelling uncle and
"upgrading" back down to 5 for this book. 


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