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Help with PDF file corruption

All of our product documents are distributed via PDF.  Previously, We
had kept them on our file server.  Our company has since become more
virtual with three main offices in Costa Mesa, CA,  Charlotte, NC, and
White Plains, NY.  We now use the internet with an intranet server to
make them available to our consultants on the road.  

In the past,  consultants had downloaded the necessary PDF files to
their laptop from the intranet server, while in the office, for use on
the road.  When they opened them, often the PDF file would not open,
corrupted.   So we moved the PDF files to our file server.  Consultants
could then download them either at the office or as needed on the road. 

As we got more sophisticated, we added a lot of front-end html pages,
making our whole library more accessible and user friendly to our
clients as well as our internal folks.  And with our company merger and
three main offices, we have again found the need to return to the
internet/intranet combination as a form of viewing or downloading the
necessary information.  

So we are again faced the possible corruption of downloaded PDF files.  

I suspect either one of two sources for the corruption:  
1.)  The combination of the inter/intra net connection, their browser,
and the 
      PDF files.
2.)  Moving them from our file server to the intranet server via 
      Microsoft's Front Page.  

Has anyone experienced this rather seeming unique problem?  
If so, have you come up with a solution?  

P.S.  We do NOT have a problem with our customers.  We copy the entire
library, front-end html pages, PDF files, and all - onto a document CD
which is released and shipped with the product / upgrades.  

John D. Pilla,  Optum Inc.
Senior Product Information Analyst
(704) 423-7456,  Fax:  x7177

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