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RE: FM5.5.3 crashing on print?

Martin, I have a problem printing from Frame 5.5.3, also.

What happens to me is that whether I'm printing from a book or a file
(happens more often with generated text like TOCs), that old familiar white
box comes up with the message, "An error occurred... etc." and then gives me
the option of closing the file or choosing "Ignore." 

At first I let it crash, but one day I just clicked "Ignore" and it
continued sending the text to the printer. Every couple of seconds, the box
would come back up, and I'd click Ignore again. The command seemed to
require that I click Ignore in increments of two times with each episode:
two times, four times, six times, eight times. And then it would resume. I
never know how many times I'll have to click the box, but in a 75-page file,
I click the Ignore button a minimum of 150 times, with an average of 400
times per file being about typical.

Adobe's explanation had to do with shifting the blame to Windows--something
to do with antiquated printer drivers. I went to Microsoft's site and
downloaded a file that was supposed to fix this and had the network guy
install it, since that's our policy here. It didn't cure the problem,
although I crash less often, for some inexplicable reason. So I have no idea
what to pursue next.

In our shop we use Visio and Word97, two file formats not recognized by FM
5.5.3, so we have to do a lot of adapting for the privilege of using Frame.
I have a love/hate relationship with Frame, and a tolerate/hate relationship
with Adobe. ;^}

Adobe's answer, as always: Buy FM 5.5.6. Not much possibility of talking my
manager into that, considering what he's witnessed here (it crashes on him,
too, and then of course, there's that PDF conversion thing...)

Please let me know if you manage to get your problem fixed. Maybe there's an
answer for me there, too.

Diane De Rooy

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