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RE: conditional text question

Dina says:
> it seems that I can't add a conditon to a specific *column* in a 
> table - only to a row.

Frame says:
"Select complete row(s) before applying condition tags." 

I thought of one work-around, but it's not exactly what I'd call elegant... 
Make multiple tables. Each one has one of your sets of conditional columns
plus all of the non-conditional columns. For the non-conditional columns, 
the cell contents are set up as cross-references to the "master" table. 
(If you have lots of these, name them some unusual paragraph format to find
them more easily in the xref dialog.) Then select the table markers and 
conditionalize those. This work-around presumes that the conditional text
takes up quite a bit of space. The other work-around is to keep all the
variant conditions in one column, marking the various "phrases" condi-

'Course, you could re-design your table to make the columns into rows
and vice-versa -- I suspect that's what the Adobe programming team had
in mind, without considering that sometimes that just does *not* work 

RFE, anyone??? (And how about one to *exclude* text if it has a specific
condition set? And one to say, include text if it is marked A, but do
*not* include it if it is also marked B? I could go on.... ;-7 )

--Ananda Banttari
Tech. Doc. Specialist, SDS

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