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Re: Hyphenation & Dictionaries

Considering that there are problems and inadequacies in the hyphenation,
dictionaries, etc., what are the alternatives?  Is it possible to use
alternate hyphenation files?  How/where would one obtain them, maintain them,
create them, etc.?

Jay Smith

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Lindsey Thomas Martin wrote:
> Alberto Luchetti wrote:
> >
> >P.S. It's the occasion to signal that the International English version
> >(5.5.3) make some mistakes about Italian hyphenation (many hyphenated words
> >are quite wrong).
> As they are for most languages other than English in the FM dictionaries.
> >I pointed it out to Adobe: they accepted it as a bug,
> >even if it doesn't depend on them, because the dictionaries are made by an
> >other software house.
> This has been pointed out to them, as it was to Frame Corp., many times
> over the past six years. If Proximity cannot provide accurate products,
> Adobe should find another supplier for spelling and hyphenation lists.
> Suggestions of competent lexicographical companies have been made on this
> list several times. See the copyright page of the manual for a list of the
> companies that supply Proximity with dictionaries in various languages.
> Lindsey Martin
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