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Another way to "conditionalize" table columns

Antoher workaround for conditional columns in tables:

1. Use a special paratag for text in these columns.

2. Make a special table ruling style, with a color of black or blue or
    whatever, and use it with the conditional columns. These columns
    must be at the left or right edge of the table (not in the middle).

3. When ready to conditionalize out the columns, change the
    paratag to use a white font color. Change the ruling style
    to be white as well - presto, the column disappears.

- Joel Van Valin
  Publishing Business Systems
from Ananda Banttari:

Dina says:
> it seems that I can't add a conditon to a specific *column* in a
> table - only to a row.

Frame says:
"Select complete row(s) before applying condition tags."

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