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Re: I Wish Frame Had....Continued (layering, global update)

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I wish for those things too.  

Regarding the layering, how about using conditions?  It would take some
planning, but you could have Master Page Conditions such CORPORATE_OFFICE,
CORP_LOGO, LEGAL_DEPT, DIVISION_WIDGET, etc.  A document created for the
"corporate office" would only have the two "corporate" conditions turned on. 
However, a document created for the "widget division's legal department would
have the LOGO, LEGAL, and WIDGET conditions turned on.

However, until [ ;-) ]  Adobe releases true layering & Global Updates, you
_might_ be able to accomplish these functions using FrameScript (Win95/NT).

Jay Smith

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Colollini@ra.rockwell.com wrote:
> Framers and Adobe Lurkers,
> I think that the watermark was a bad example....I'm getting great responses
> that are specific to a watermark, but that was only my example ( a poor
> one) and not really an issue for me.
> Let me rephrase:
> I wish FrameMaker had the ability to <layer> different masterpages, much
> like the layering ability in many different graphics programs. This would
> allow me to separately manage corporate and brand boilerplate issues, for
> one.
> And while I'm at it:
> I wish FrameMaker had a truly <Global Update> option that will allow me to
> enact the replacement of one format for another <across a book>, instead of
> across a single document. Then, conversion from Word or Interleaf would be
> a bit simpler, faster, and more consistent.
> Chris

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