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FM5.5.3 crashing on print?

Err, this is a new one to me, and I don't
think that it's Framemakers' fault, but I thought
perhaps someone here might have an idea . . . .

Anyway, my current problem is that Framemaker
is crashing when I tell it to print a book. Even
more exciting, the crash is completely silent -- there
are no dialogs, no screen wierdness, nothing. FM
simply vanishes, and the print job goes berserk
before stopping altogether.

By "berserk" I mean that the postscript goes utterly
haywire for a page or two (characters the wrong size,
overlapping each other, etc.), then I get pages and pages
of nothing but the lines I use to separate the page footer,
and then the job stops.

Other amusing features: my free memory drops to 8K, even
though nothing else is open. Double-clicking on any icon
produces no result until I reboot. The task manager claims
that there aren't any "secret" processes running (ie., everything
in the processes list makes sense to me).

I do have some suspects, and I was wondering if anyone
else found this:
1) Allaire HomeSite, recently installed on this machine.
2) VirusScan, the *latest* version
3) Microsoft SMS

This is on Win95 OSR2, 64Mb RAM, 12Gb disk, using
an HP 4si and Adobe PS 4.2(?? I can't check, because I
can't open anything, but I installed whatever version of
Postscript was available on Dec. 1 1998). FM5.5.3. The
book I'm trying to print is roughly 7 files, 196 pages.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any remarks folks might have. I can't
just uninstall my "suspect" applications, because my MIS
department put them there (in other words, they're *required*
and I get in trouble if they don't find them on my PC).


Martin Anderson
ALS Evanston

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