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Re: FrameMaker Lists

At 12:44 AM -0800 12/1/99, Adam Korman wrote:
>This is available via the shareware utility CopyPaste (works with any
>application). I have no vested interest in this utility but it is FANTASTIC
>and has saved me countless hours of repetitive work. Just a couple of its
>wonderful features:
>10 clipboards available from the keyboard at any time
>100 clipboards available via an optional floating palette
>Clipboard contents saved after quitting, rebooting, etc.
>Check it out at <http://www.scriptsoftware.com/>.
>I'm familiar only with the Mac version, but there's apparently a Win95/NT
>version as well.
>Adam Korman

I'll second that.  CopyPaste is an excellent shareware title.  It's stable
and doesn't seem to conflict with anything on my Mac.  The clip archive is
a wonderful feature for those who want to collect information in the
easiest way while surfing.

- web

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