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Re: Index with different typefaces in Level 1?

At 03:41 PM 1/11/99 -0500, Larry Kollar wrote:
>System: PowerMac 6100, Frame+SGML 5.1.1
>I'd like to set up an index so that Level1IX entries are 10pt
>Helvetica, Bold and levels 2 through whatever are 11pt Times Roman.
>Here's what I tried:
>1) Created a character format, Entry, as 10pt Helv. Bold, and
>   applied it to the Level1IX reference page.
>   Result: the index was generated as before -- no Helvetica.
>2) Changed Level1IX's default font to 10pt Helv. Bold.
>   Result: *every* *stinking* *entry* was Helvetica Bold!
>I didn't touch Level2IX or any others.
Some time back, when I complained to Adobe about this behavior, they told me
it was a feature! The alleged "feature" is that FrameMaker applies the
Level1IX paragraph format to all lower-level index paragraphs. That behavior
is in stark disagreement with what the user manual states to be the behavior
on page 25-27 in the third bullet under "To Retain Format Changes When

Here's the workaround if you use method 2 above:

1. After generating the index, select the entire text flow, and apply the
Default Para Font to it from the character catalog.

2. Choose Import > Formats, select Current Document, check Paragraph
Formats, turn on Remove Format Overrides, and click the Import button.

3. If step 2 doesn't fix it, repeat step 1 after performing step 2. 
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