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Re: Index with different typefaces in Level 1?

Dan Emory wrote:

> >I'd like to set up an index so that Level1IX entries are 10pt
> >Helvetica, Bold and levels 2 through whatever are 11pt Times Roman.

> **********************************************************
> Some time back, when I complained to Adobe about this behavior,
> they told me it was a feature! ...
> Here's the workaround if you use method 2 above: ...

That works as advertised, but I forgot to mention that we want
the page numbers in Level1 entries (and all others) to be 11pt
Times Roman. Sorry 'bout that.

This isn't such a big deal with most of our documents, but we
also create a Master Index that runs about 70 pages. Lots of
tedious character formatting either way I go.

I guess I'll get started with learning Perl; I figure I can
write a filter script to do the job right.



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