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Re: Instructor-Student, A-B flows

Joel Van Valin writes: 

> The discussion about Instructor-Student flows
> brings to mind a training manual I wrote a few
> months ago. The trainer wanted trainer
> notes on the left pages, and student content
> on the right. ...

> I ended up using a single flow, using Trainer
> and Student paragraph tags set to start at
> top of the page. To create the student manual
> I printed the odd pages only; to get the trainer
> manual all pages were printed.

What we do here:  student text covers only 2/3 of the main
column width. Trainers' notes appear in the (wide) left margin,
and use a special paragraph tag. I can't remember if the
trainers' notes were implemented as sideheads or not.

When we want to print a student guide, we make the trainers'
note text white. For instructor guides, we make the text black

Obviously, this won't work if the trainers' notes are
extensive -- but the manuals we print here (and the teacher
books I snuck a peek at in elementary school :-) only show
the answers without much discussion. (The presumption in
both cases is that the instructor already understands the
material, and has the answers only for quick reference.)


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