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RE: Autonumbering

Dennis Hays (dhays@NOVALIS.COM) wrote:

>Just to share, I thought I'd pass on my thoughts on the matter.
>Table = A:Table <n>< >< >< >-<n+>:\sn< >
>Table 1-1:
>Where <n> repeats the chapter number, < >< >< > hold H1, H2, & H3 in place,
>-<n+>:\sn inserts a dash, increments the Table number, inserts a colon and
>adds an en space before a table title.
>I hope this helps someone and, if I forgot something, please let me know!

Two comments:

* Even though you can use regular spaces and hyphens, make it a habit to use
hard spaces (\ ) and hard hyphens (\+) when defining an autonumber  this
will prevent the autonumber string from being inappropriately split between
lines when cross-references extract the autonumber string.

* If you allow text to be hyphenated, consider inserting a suppress
code (\_) in front of words you include in the autonumber definition.

[ quoted from my "Paragraph Autonumbering" Building Blocks Series,
  which you can download from my web page ].

Shlomo Perets

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