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Re: Using Adobe Illustrator graphics in Adobe FrameMaker

Is that for the PC version only? When I generate EPS files, I can import them and set the background of the image to "None" and the image shows transparency, though if the image is rotated, then the transparency in the preview is ignored.

My EPS settings in Illy CS: 8-bit color (Mac) preview with transparency, Overprints are preserved with Medium resolution, Doc thumbnails are included, CMYK PS is included in RGB files and I save out to Ps level 2 or 3.

An image I put together showing transparency in an Illy EPs file playing nicely <http://wil.bakadigital.com/images/fm_trans.jpg>. Now, if you need transparency from a raster image, you will need to make a clipping path and that is another story.


On Nov 18, 2004, at 7:30 AM, Stuart Rogers wrote:
"Adobe FrameMaker doesn't support transparency in image files (for
example, EPS, TIFF, GIF, or JPEG). When you import an image, FrameMaker
maps any transparent pixels to white to enable irregular text
runarounds. If FrameMaker did not map transparent areas of images to
white, text runarounds would not work correctly with the image."

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