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Keeping at least 3 bullet items contiguous

I have a paragraph format for bulleted "paragraphs".  They are actually
short items in a sometimes lengthy list.  I don't want less than 3 items
appearing contiguously because it can be confusing.  Is there a way to
enforce this?  Setting the Keep-with-Next/Previous-Pgf will cause the
entire list to be a contiguous set of paragraphs, which would cause too
much white space if it can't fit onto the rest of the page.  Setting
Widow/Orphan-Lines won't keep separate paragraphs together.  It seems like
I have to customize each item's paragraph format, and if the position of
the list changes, I have to redo that.  If there is a way to avoid this,
I'll use that.


P.S. Posted to comp.text.frame, framers@xxxxxxxxx, and adobe.framemaker.

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