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Re: Keeping at least 3 bullet items contiguous

fred ma wrote:
I have a paragraph format for bulleted "paragraphs".  They are actually
short items in a sometimes lengthy list.  I don't want less than 3 items
appearing contiguously because it can be confusing.  Is there a way to
enforce this?  Setting the Keep-with-Next/Previous-Pgf will cause the
entire list to be a contiguous set of paragraphs, which would cause too
much white space if it can't fit onto the rest of the page.  Setting
Widow/Orphan-Lines won't keep separate paragraphs together.  It seems like
I have to customize each item's paragraph format, and if the position of
the list changes, I have to redo that.  If there is a way to avoid this,
I'll use that.

P.S. Posted to comp.text.frame, framers@xxxxxxxxx, and adobe.framemaker.

Thanks, everyone, for the 2 suggestions. One is the Keep-with-Previous for the 2nd & 3rd bullet items. The other is to use the Orphan Rows in the table designer. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem (in my case) will not be solved by these methods. The reason is because on the 2nd page, there might be very little room due to the presence of a large picture (not an uncommon thing in my document). So the list (or table) might get chopped into a 2-item snippet on this 2nd page, with the tail of the list going onto a 3rd page. The Keep-with-Previous will not prevent this fragmenting in the middle of the list, and neither will a table's Orphan Rows.

But I appreciate the responses. Thank you again.


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