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Re: Keeping at least 3 bullet items contiguous

Sean wrote:
If you don't want fewer than three items appearing contiguously, you need two styles:

Bullet1_first_second set to keep with next
Bullet1_thirdplus not set to keep with anything

Apply the first tag to the first two bullets in the list, use the second tag for the rest.

Then, consider what happens to the last bulleted item. Maybe you want:

Bullet1_last set to keep with previous?

That would work if the next page had lots of space. However, I have lots of big figures, and many pages have very few lines. It is possible for the list to get split near the middle or the end. I can do a similar trick to the above for the end, but if I start doing that for the middle, it gets messy. Even the above gets messy if I do alot of editing. But micro-customizing the items in the list seems to be the only option. Thanks for thinking up a possible approach.


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