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Re: Keeping at least 3 bullet items contiguous

If you could trick up a table that could hold one bullet per row without
looking any different than the surounding text, then you could tell the
table not to split with fewer than 3 rows.  Although THEN you'd have to
fight Frame's inability to split table rows across pages, so it all depends
on your content whether it's worth it or not.

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Sean wrote:
> If you don't want fewer than three items appearing contiguously, you need
two styles:
> Bullet1_first_second set to keep with next
> Bullet1_thirdplus not set to keep with anything
> Apply the first tag to the first two bullets in the list, use the second
tag for the rest.
> Then, consider what happens to the last bulleted item. Maybe you want:
> Bullet1_last set to keep with previous?

That would work if the next page had lots of space.  However, I have lots
of big
figures, and many pages have very few lines.  It is possible for the list
get split near the middle or the end.  I can do a similar trick to the
for the end, but if I start doing that for the middle, it gets messy.  Even
above gets messy if I do alot of editing.  But micro-customizing the items
the list seems to be the only option.  Thanks for thinking up a possible


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