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Installing FrameMaker 7.0 and Acrobat Distiller


When the ability to install the Adobe Acrobat Distiller with Adobe FrameMaker first came about, I remember researching this. Frankly, I didn't trust it. I remember coming across a README, either for FrameMaker, Distiller, or Acrobat, that emphatically warned against installing the Acrobat Distiller that came on the FrameMaker CD. This was regardless of whether you already had another version of Distiller installed.

Flash forward. I can no longer find this document. I usually keep things like this, but it was either a) electronic, b) purged in an office move, or c) (and least likely) a figment of my imagination.

Assuming that one does not have another version of Distiller installed, is it safe to install the version of Acrobat Distiller that comes on the Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 CD?

Is this the preferred method, or should one buy the complete Adobe Acrobat suite and install Distiller this way?

And, speaking of installation, is there an online installation guide for Adobe FrameMaker 7.0?

Thank you for your response(s)!

(BTW: This is my first post, so please be gentle.)

- Robyn

Robyn Chittister
Oracle DocTools
office: 925.755.3622
efax: 928.438.4864

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