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JOB: 6 month contract in Westchester County, NY

Contact information is below.

Senior technical writer needed to develop documentation for complex
network management software systems. Individual will work closely with
software engineers to develop functional specifications, then with
documentation team to define requirements and write end-user software

 - 5+ years experience writing documentation for complex systems
 - Proven ability to produce documentation from start to finish
 - Bachelor's degree in English or Technical Communication or equivalent
writing experience
 - Excellent written and verbal communication skills
 - Familiarity with Adobe FrameMaker
 - Familiarity with networking concepts/experience documenting network
management software a strong plus
 - Familiarity with C, C++ programming and scripting languages a plus
 - Work on site in Westchester county, New York
 - Writing samples and references required

To submit a resume, or for more information, contact Jill Brennan at

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