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Re: [FrameSGML] Frame 7 Structured App Problem

As you recall, the client, who was running Frame 7, was having all sots of 
anomalous behaviors when he installed the upgrade to my SGML catalog 
production application in a folder under StructureTools\sgml. The upgraded 
application performed without a hiccup on my platform running FM+SGML 6.0. 
One of the first things I asked the client was whether he had ever edited 
the maker.ini file. He'd never even heard of that file, and swore up and 
down that he hadn't edited it. I also verified that, when he had 
reinstalled Frame 7, and also installed the patches and upgrades, whether 
it had been installed in a different location. he firmly avowed that it had 
not been moved.

Since I knew the location of the Frame 7 installation last year, and the 
earlier version of my application which he used last year ran without a 
hitch, it was not necessary to update the appdef file for the upgraded 
application, because all the new files had exactly the same filenames as 
the earlier version, and those new files were installed directly over the 
older versions of those files in the same folder that was used last year. 
Nevertheless, I had the client fax me the appdef from last year, and 
verified that it was exactly the same as the appdef on my platform (except 
that $STRUCTDIR was replaced by $SGMLDIR on my FM+SGML 6 platform).

We were trying to solve the problem over the telephone. I'd tell him to do 
something, he'd do it, I'd have him verify that he'd done exactly what I'd 
told him to do, and then he'd run the application again. Each time we 
changed something, I'd tell him to re-read the appdef file, then check the 
Read/Write Rules file with the application selected. Each time, the rules 
checked OK, but then when he attempted to import the same test file I was 
using, some (but not all) of the elements in the resulting Frame file were 
red because they had incorrect capitalization of the element names. Not 
only that, but it was impossible to change the names of those red elements 
to their correct names.

Finally, in desperation, I told him to take out $STRUCTDIR everywhere in 
the appdef file and replace it with the full pathname. That was it. 
Everything worked as it was supposed to. No more red elements.

The only thing I can figure is that, when the client reinstalled Frame 7, 
and/or installed the patches and upgrades, the install process either wiped 
out or mis-defined $STRUCTDIR in the maker.ini file, or did something else 
which made $STRUCTDIR invalid.

MORAL OF THE STORY: With Frame 7.0, don't trust that $STUCTDIR gives the 
correct path. Replace it in the appdef file with the full pathname. That 
way, if the client reinstalls Frame 7 or installs patches or upgrades, 
appdef will be unaffected.

FrameMaker/FrameMaker+SGML Document Design & Database Publishing
DW Emory <danemory@globalcrossing.net>

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