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RE: CEE languages

hi Jason

about CE-langs (as far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong...
especially framers from Central-European countries, who can actually
*read* the texts :-)) .

1. no spelling and hyphenation dictionaries available in FM
2. for index sorting, you'll have to set up this on the reference page. 
3. bookmarks in PDF-files: UnicodeBookmarks from Shlomo might help :-)

And there's always the problem of the "reserved characters" in FM. To
display characters as "t caron" you might set your CE fonts as "nontext"
in maker.ini.

This applies only to Windows (2000 and XP). 

For Estonian and the other Baltic langs you'll need the Baltic font

Hope this helps

Theun Fleer
Tedopres, Tilburg, The Netherlands

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Aiken, Jason [mailto:jason.aiken@medtronic.com] 
> Sent: vrijdag, 3 oktober 2003 20:03
> To: framers@omsys.com
> Cc: Aiken, Jason
> Subject: CEE languages
> With the addition of so many countries to the European Union 
> I'm curious to hear perspectives on FrameMaker-based 
> workflows using the ISO 8859-2 or Win 1250 character encoding.
> It appears that many of the Windows-based and Solaris 8 
> OpenType and Type 1 fonts can support the special characters 
> (double acute accents, carons, ogoneks, etc.), but I'm 
> curious about FrameMaker output with respect to the list 
> below in Czech, Polish, and Hungarian:
> 1. hyphenation dictionaries
> 2. index sorting
> 3. PDF output (e.g. bookmarks)
> What about other languages like Estonian, Lithuanian, 
> Latvian, Slovenian, and Slovakian? If anyone has covered such 
> ground, I'd be interested in hearing what worked easily and 
> what was more difficult to set up (if anything).
> Best regards,
> Jason "the outcast-Frame-Templar-Unclean" Aiken
> p.s. MS OutHouse's spellchecker suggests "gooneys" for ogoneks.
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