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Re: Help with Distiller Error (SOLUTION)

Well, well, well. Turn off Norton Anti-Virus "Auto-Protect" and the 
PDF sails through. Sorry for the scare.

(Why would an antivirus program get in the way of distilling?)

I do still have this weird problem with a single font -- single 
weight, single file Type 1 font -- listing *twice* in the font list 
of the Character and Paragraph designer. Happens consistently, even 
after rebooting. Checks out fine in Suitcase's "Font Doctor".

Any ideas?

Victor Caston

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
75 Alta Road
Stanford, CA 94305

t:	+1 650 321 2052, x 254
f:	+1 650 321 1192

e: 	vcaston@ucdavis.edu
w:	http://philosophy.ucdavis.edu/caston/home.html

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