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Re: Help with Distiller Error

At 15:54 -0700 05.09.2003, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>The "showpage" command is typically used to cause a
>page to print in PostScript, i.e., "that's all folks
>for this page; go and physically lay down in ink".
>For Distiller, it translates into "create the PDF for
>the page just described." The "ioerror" would indicate
>that either the "showpage" command occurred out of
>context or was somehow "undefined" in the job. It is
>possible what is happening is that your PostScript job
>stream is somehow corrupted. Normally, there is nothing
>that an end user could do to cause this to happen.

Thanks, Dov. Is there anything an end user can do to stop this from 
happening? :-)


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