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RE: Who are these people?

Adobe's take on this is that you are not getting legal software.

First of all, most of the Adobe software on that website is not
even sold on an OEM basis for bundling with hardware. Any
CD-only packaging of such products is counterfeit.

Secondly, non-counterfeit current versions of Adobe software
can easily be moved on the open market at much higher wholesale
prices than $49. Even for distress or bankruptcy situations, this
is true. Old versions of Adobe software, such as InDesign 1 or
Illustrator 7, yes, I could see them moving for very low prices.
But even those would come in a box with documentation and support.

Finally, when Adobe does license software on an OEM basis for bundling
with hardware, the conditions for distribution of such software 
are fairly strict. Such software cannot be "unbundled" for separate sale.
Adobe does not authorize anybody to so-unbundle OEM software.

So what if their FAQ says what it says? Doesn't mean that it is
correct! Would you buy the Brooklyn Bridge from those folks if their
FAQ told you that the copy they had for you was an OEM version?

        - Dov

At 9/5/2003 08:33 AM, Debbi Fortney Correia wrote:
>Hey Rita,
>I haven't received emails from this company, but this is what their FAQ
>"We can sell at such low prices because we not only buy in bulk but the
>software was to be bundled with hardware originally. Therefore it does
>not qualify for tech. support registration. However it will download all
>updates from the manufacturer. Some are purchased from bankruptcy sales,
>auctions etc. If you want tech support you need to buy the retail
>version at full price from a local software store."
>Also, near each product they state:
>"This is a cd only sale. All cd's are brand new and still in the factory
>seal. This is the full version not a limited or trial version. As
>bundled software it qualifies for all online upgrades but does not
>qualify for technical support  registration from Adobe."
>I don't know Adobe's take on this...


>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Mary Rita Muller
>> Are any of you out there receiving emails for Adobe s/w from 
>> www.buysusa.com? If so, who are they? Here is a > list directly 
>> from the email they sent to me. The prices seem ridiculously 
>> low and border on the "too good to be true" side. Any thoughts?
>> How about you Dov, and any other Adobe people monitoring this 
>> list? Don't know about you, but these kind of offers scare 
>> me. Do I have reason to be? I need to upgrade my Acrobat at 
>> home and you're suggestions are much appreciated.

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