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Re: Help with Distiller Error

At 17:19 -0700 05.09.2003, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>Next, check whether you have enough space on your disk
>drive for the intermediate PostScript file and any work
>files created by Distiller. The fact that you now see
>a different error would indicate that it might have
>something to do with the file getting cutoff prematurely
>or there not being enough space to generate the PDF file.
>         - Dov

Umm, about 48 GB of free space.

There's also something weird, and probably unrelated: one of my fonts 
(of which there is only one copy) appears twice on the font menus of 
the Character and Paragraph Designer, but only once on the Format > 
Fonts menu. Rebooting doesn't affect it; occurs in both Frame 6 and 7.

I hate Classic. (Mac OS 10.2.6)

Victor Caston

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
75 Alta Road
Stanford, CA 94305

t:	+1 650 321 2052, x 254
f:	+1 650 321 1192

e:	vcaston@ucdavis.edu
w:	http://philosophy.ucdavis.edu/caston/home.html

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