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Fwd: FrameMaker on Linux Update

I just sent the following email to FM Linux users that registered up through Friday mid-afternoon; the registration email was updated with the same information. If you know of someone having these problems that missed either distribution, please feel free to forward this to them.


Late-Breaking FrameMaker Linux News

This email is being sent to registered users of FrameMaker on Linux,
based on feedback received through fmlinux@adobe.com. It contains
information about three issues that prevent FrameMaker from launching or
running on some Linux installations. Details and possible workarounds are
noted below.

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused, and
appreciate the time you've spent downloading and trying FrameMaker on
Linux. As before, please continue sending comments to our feedback address:


As before, we cannot respond to individual emails. Thanks for trying this
beta of FrameMaker on Linux!

Lee Richardson
FrameMaker Development Manager

(1) C library incompatibility with some distributions of Linux, including
    Red Hat 5.2 and Debian 2.1.

    Users will typically see the following message in this case:

        ./maker: error in loading shared libraries
        : undefined symbol: __register_frame_info

    The FrameMaker executable is incompatible with certain releases
    of version 2.0.7 of the GNU C Library, which are included with
    some distributions noted above.

    FrameMaker will not run on systems with this incompatibility,
    unless access to a different version of the C Library is provided.

(2) Lack of portmap/rpcbind services leads to FrameMaker crashing or hanging

    When 'maker' is started, the following alert appears: "No
    licenses available. Run in demo mode?". Answering "Yes"
    may trigger a crash or other undesirable behavior.

    When running 'demomaker', the application may crash or hang with
    no alert.

    As described in the System Requirements, portmap/rpcbind services
    must be enabled on the local workstation. Otherwise unpredictable
    behavior may occur including crashes and hangs.

    Starting a portmap/rpcbind service on the local workstation
    should fix this problem.

(3) FrameMaker crashes trying to display splash screen on 16-bit X servers.

    When 'maker' or 'demomaker' are started on an X server set to
    16-bit depth, the application will generally crash just after
    displaying a blue window in the middle of the screen.

    FrameMaker does not currently support 16-bit (or 15-bit)
    display depth, and is failing to recognize the situation
    in time to exit gracefully.

    If the splash screen display is disabled, FrameMaker does not
    halt immediately, but will eventually crash or corrupt
    internal data. Running at 16-bit depth is not safe in the
    current release, even if it seems to be working.

    Displaying to a server running with a depth of 8, 24, or 32
    should work fine.


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