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Re: FM + Linux (RH) TODOs

RH 6.0 has not been cooperative for me, but SuSE 6.1 works great if I issue the portmap command as su before firing up FM5.5.6 Linux. The docs say it works on RH 6.1, so I'm not surprised at 6.0 not working.


>>>SNIP >>>>

>>> Bruce Byfield <bbyfield@stormix.com> 12/19/99 10:09PM >>>
>Having just downloaded the Beta yesterday of FM for Linux, I had a major problem
>installing. In fact, I couldn't since the FM installation is meant for a Red Hat
>version 5.2, not even 6.0 or 6.1. 

The FrameMaker beta worked on my Storm Linux/Debian system,
which is using kernel 2.2.13, so it should probably work on
Red Hat 6.1.
Bruce Byfield, Product Manager, Stormix Technologies


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