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Re: Importing HTML

You also could use MML and a simple perl script to do this. We recently started to do this with simple structured text-only files. It's pretty slick for paragraph formatting so it out to suit HTML text. Graphics are another matter. (See online manuals for MML info.)

Once FM gets and import XML feature this should be very easy, I'd think.

Craig Ede
Los Jugadores Bazutadores

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>>> Kevin Dwan <kevin@blueberry.com> 12/20/99 03:29AM >>>
Ellen Evans wrote:

I have a bunch of documents that my engineers are writing in (extrememly 
plain and structured) HTML.  After they have finished I need to be able to 
import the text and graphics into Frame documents so that they can be 
tweaked a bit and then printed out in a structured way.  I have WWP for 
getting HTML out of Frame; is there a reasonable way to bring it into Frame 
as source files?
Our Filtrix product does this. A free demo is available at



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