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Re: UNIX left out in the cold?

<<< Heavily Snipped<<<
My final advice to UNIX users are: make your opinions heard at
Adobe! Explain your current and future needs of FrameMaker,
Acrobat and other software on your platform, or risk being left
out in the cold. If you have an opinon of UNIX or Linux versus
Windows and Mac, don't keep it to yourself. 
(Adobe need to understand that I'm not alone in this :-)

Regards to you all,
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thomas Michanek, [Michagon], Linkoping, Sweden
In preparing for an upgrade to FM5.5.6 (from our corporate standard of 5.1) I came up with the following statistics regarding the pool of users I support:

Of the 69 FM users I work closely with:

59 primarily use UNIX (Solaris)
4 only use UNIX on a WinPC via EXCEED
6 primarily use Win95

(6 UNIX users use WIN95 occasionally)
(2 WIN95 users use UNIX occasionally)

Obviously, I have a great interest in Adobe continuing support for the UNIX platform. The problem with proper printer drivers (a non-existent problem on UNIX) is one reason to avoid the Win95 platform. Fmbatch (yes, it's in the linux version) is another great feature not available under windows. The macros capability (which I used to mimic the Mac short-cut keys for almost every menu choice when I moved over to UNIX from that platform) is extremely useful and makes me much more productive. (Who in the world uses more than a few of those wacky escape followed by three key stroke "shortcuts", let alone remembers them?)

Regarding Acrobat, I can see why Adobe might think it sensible that all Acrobat 4.0 distilling be done on a Win95/98 machine with a watched folder being fed by UNIX ps file. But it would be even more sensible to just do the whole thing in UNIX. I can even imagine a Linux machine performing that function for both UNIX/Linux and Win95 users with less hassle.

Craig Ede
Los Jugadores Bazutadores

P.S. Anybody got any advice on how I can get the Lyris server Brad has up to accept my posts at Bradframers. As of this morning I'm suddenly being bounced when I make postings. I am registered when I go to the online registration site. W'sup?

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