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Frame Numbering Help

I have a recurring Frame 5.5.6 problem on my Mac (OS 8.6). I've 
created paratag called 'ChapHead' that incorpoates the chapter 
number.The numbering building block is: 'Chapter <n+1>:' The 
resulting printed page is supposed to be:
Chapter 1: Introduction.

I created a six-chapter book. Chapter's 1 and 2 number correctly. For 
some reason,  Chapter 3 becomes Chapter 11, Chapter 4- 12, Chapter 5- 
13, and Chapter 6- 14.

I can hard code the errant chapters by changing the building block 
for each chapter, but that's not the way it's supposed to be.

Can anyone show me the error of my ways?

Thank you,


Marc A. Santacroce

Senior Technical Writer/President
ePubs, Inc.


"Everything has a fifty percent probability; either it's going to 
happen, or it's not." 

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