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Re: Database Publishing with FrameMaker / PatternStream

At 08:19 PM 12/11/99 +0100, Susanne Muris wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>my current employer is producing software.
>Each of our FrameMaker manuals contains a chapter with error tables. The
>error tables are currently typed manually. Software error messages are
>currently stored within ressource files, but should be stored in a database
>(Access, SQL Server, or Oracle) in the future. From the PatternStream
>product description on the Internet I assume that it should be possible to
>set up a publication cycle with automatic updates for the error messages
>using a database, PatternStream, and FrameMaker.
>Has anybody got experience with PatternStream? Can you recommend it ? Any
>other suggestions on how to realize this publication cycle ?
Sounds like UniMerge, at about 1/12 the cost of PatternStream, would fit
your needs. I have a 6-page paper on the subject of database publishing with
FrameMaker and UniMerge if you're interested.
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