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RE: Frame Numbering Help

Ron Hathcock is the Frame Wizard. His response is solved my 
particular problem. Thanks to all for their inputs. (I tried them 
all, Ron's worked for me)

>1) Are you using labels to differentiate numbering streams? If you're not
>preceding the autonumber definition with a letter and a colon, inserting
>paragraphs with a competing stream can throw it all off.
>2) Have you regenerated the book since you reordered the chapters?
>3) Have you been consistent in your use of streams with multiple tags? For
>instance, you might use the following sort of design:
>Chapter Tag:  C:Chapter <n+>< =0>< =0>< =0>
>Heading1 Tag: C:< ><R+>. < >< >
>Figure Tag:   C:Figure <n>-< ><n+>< >.
>Table Tag:    C:Table <n>-< >< ><n+>.
>Ron Hathcock
>Citrix Systems, Inc.
>Draper, UT
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>From: Marc Santacroce [mailto:epubs@ricochet.net]
>Sent: Monday, December 13, 1999 11:10 AM
>To: framers@omsys.com
>Subject: Frame Numbering Help
>I have a recurring Frame 5.5.6 problem on my Mac (OS 8.6). I've
>created paratag called 'ChapHead' that incorpoates the chapter
>number.The numbering building block is: 'Chapter <n+1>:' The
>resulting printed page is supposed to be:
>Chapter 1: Introduction.
>I created a six-chapter book. Chapter's 1 and 2 number correctly. For
>some reason,  Chapter 3 becomes Chapter 11, Chapter 4- 12, Chapter 5-
>13, and Chapter 6- 14.
>I can hard code the errant chapters by changing the building block
>for each chapter, but that's not the way it's supposed to be.
>Can anyone show me the error of my ways?
>Thank you,

Marc A. Santacroce

Senior Technical Writer/President
ePubs, Inc.


"Everything has a fifty percent probability; either it's going to 
happen, or it's not." 

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