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Re: Xref checker - look for all xrefs outside the BOOK file

>From: dwwatts@us.ibm.com <dwwatts@us.ibm.com>
>Date: den 15 november 1999 16:05

>Is there a way to check all cross references and to list all of the ones
>that point to files that are not in the BOOK file?  I realise that I can
>generate a LOR of all external cross references, but I'm looking for a
>subset of that list that shows only xrefs that are to files that are not in
>the BOOK file.

If you're on UNIX, I have just updated one of my MIF scripts,
"mifreport", to help you do this. If the script is run with the
options -sb on a single book file, checks are made for X-ref
source files that are not part of the book file. The external
files are listed and which files they were found in, but you have
to find the corresponding X-refs yourself. You can, for instance,
search a MIF file for the filename and read the surrounding text
for context.

The new mifreport script can be downloaded from the web page

I will continue to update the scripts according to wishes or
ideas published on these mailing lists.

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