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Re: Table Column Widths

> From: Rick Quatro <frameexpert@mindspring.com>
>A table has a Table Column Widths property, but as far as I can tell, a
>table format does not. When you update a table format, the current Table
>Column Widths are stored SOMEWHERE so that the next time you insert a table
>with this format it uses these Table Column Widths. The question is: where
>does FrameMaker store this property, and can I access it with the FDK?

If you look at page 117 in the 5.5 User Guide, you'll find that the
"default" properties of a table format (including column widths) is
stored in the table format, but these properties are not available
through the Table Designer... That's why they cannot be globally
changed, like the other properties.

When you change any of the default properties and update the table
format, the information is stored in the Table Catalog, but it
cannot be viewed or updated using the Table Designer. These
properties are only used when creating a new table.

The default properties of a table format can be seen in MIF,
and my "mifformats" UNIX script can list them for you. 

Table Tag: `2Col'
  DEFAULT Table Column: 
    DEFAULT Column Number: 0
    DEFAULT Column Width:  4.00003 cm
    DEFAULT Column Heading Paragraph: 
      DEFAULT Paragraph Tag: `CellHeading'
    DEFAULT Column Body Paragraph: 
      DEFAULT Paragraph Tag: `CellBody'
    DEFAULT Column Footing Paragraph: 
      DEFAULT Paragraph Tag: `CellHeading'
  DEFAULT Title Paragraph: 
     DEFAULT Paragraph Tag: `TableTitle'
  DEFAULT Initial No of Columns: 2
  DEFAULT Initial No of Heading Rows: 1
  DEFAULT Initial No of Body Rows: 8
  DEFAULT Initial No of Footing Rows: 0

[followed by all BASIC, RULING and SHADING properties]

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