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Re: Indexing


You WANT IXGen.  Period.  Don't even waste another moment of thought on
the subject.  Get IXGen.

I have not tried to do what you are doing (your volume structure), but
if you don't get the input that you need from this list, the folks at
IXGen will be able to advise you -- they are terrific.

(No I don't own stock in the company, nor do I sell their product.  I am
just a satisfied customer.)


Doris.fujii@nokia.com wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good indexing tool to use with FrameMaker documents?
> Any experience with the IXgen tool? We produce two sets of seven volumes of
> documentation of our product (each volume has multiple sections and each
> section has multiple chapters). Some volumes are single-sourced with
> conditional text. Currently we have one index for each volume. We'd also
> like to create a single index for five of the volumes. Any easier way to do
> this than to create a huge book with all the chapters in it?
> Thanks,
> Doris Fujii
> doris.fujii@nokia.com
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> Nokia High Speed Access Products
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