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FW: Final check before I give files to printer?

Stuff I tend to check:
* TOCs. Any long lines, where you'll need to manually fix the line wrapping?
Do the entries go to the right page? (Check this for cross-refs and index 
entries, too.)
* Indexes. Do they have the right number of columns? (master page usage)
* Screen shots and other images, *especially* line art. Are they clear and
* Flip-through for empty pages. Frame sometimes leaves beaucoup empty pages
at the end of a chapter, where you used to show all conditions and then hid
most of them, saved, and for some reason it can't delete the now-empty 
pages. (Had to run a reprint because of this one. Once.)
* Copyright pages. Easy to forget to update these things, 'cause the updates
are usually minor.
* Tables. Especially if you have either long tables or tables with long 
cells.If you specify a maximum cell height, you can accidentally cut off 
the text in a cell if it goes to long. 
* Any place in the book where you know you had to override the template 
formatting. And anywhere you have particularly complex formatting or page
* Chapter title pages, especially if you include chapter TOCs.
* One or two pages from each chapter. 

Ananda Stevens

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