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FDK question - need a filter record for FP_ImportHint property

I'm trying to script an import, and I need a specific filter record to
specify the FP_ImportHint property.

The FDK documentation indicates that this is a StringT, and that the
complete set of available import filters is a property of the session, and
a StringListT.

I'd really like to print out all the records for the available filters so I
can pick out the one I need. The only problem is that I don't know how to
get access to that StringListT. Most other properties I can get with a
function for their datatype, but there isn't one designed to get a
StringListT. I tried F_ApiGetPropVals, but the result has to be an
F_PropValT, and won't automatically convert.

I am stuck. I'd appreciate any answers/code/tips/directions to the
appropriate place on a website. I've searched through the FDK documentation
and past emails but to no avail.


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