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RE:Table Column Widths properties

Rick asked:
<<A table has a Table Column Widths property, but as far as I can tell, a
table format does not. When you update a table format, the current Table
Column Widths are stored SOMEWHERE so that the next time you insert a table
with this format it uses these Table Column Widths. The question is: where
does FrameMaker store this property, and can I access it with the FDK?>>

Rick, maybe it'll help if I remind you that Frame stores some table tag
properties only when creating a NEW table tag?  Whenever I need to change
table properties for a template upgrade, I create samples of all my table
tags in a file, delete every table tag in the catalog, and then recreate
them from the examples I have in the body of the development doc. At which
point FrameMaker learns how many columns, rows, column widths, and paratags
to use for that table tag, and no amount of format-twiddling later will
change what happens when you insert a new table of tag X or Y. 

I'm 1.5 days pre-release so can't go looking in MIF at the moment but I'd be
astonished if it ain't in there somewhere...

Deborah Snavely

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